Dec. 11th, 2020

AI: Cake Rainbow

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SPN: Work to do
John and I are working on a project, but to get it off the ground and to a place where I can actually talk about it, I really need some background information.

I created a (short) poll that is aimed to gather information from people who wear scrubs/medical uniforms on a regular basis. If you guys could help me out by either filling it out and/or passing it along, I would be eternally grateful.

I'm leaving this entry open so please feel free to link back here if it's easier for you. Or direct link your friends to the poll itself. Whichever! I appreciate any and all effort.

Thanks in advance and I'll let you know how it turns out. ♥



AI: Cake Rainbow
Saw it today - it's the first movie I've been inspired to actually pay theater prices for since Sherlock Homes and it was well worth it. Although I walked around feeling like I was in a dream state for several hours after watching the movie. Very bizarre.

I know a lot of you wrote up spoilery posts after watching it. If you're so inclined would you link me to your posts? I skimmed over everything that even had the word 'inception' in it with one eye closed so I wouldn't spoil myself, so I never caught who made posts and who didn't. I'd love to go back and join in the conversations, though.


Help for a friend. :)

AI: Cake Rainbow
One of my best friends in the entire world, Daniel Dugan, needs help funding a short film project. It's not earth shattering or saving lives or anything else, but I've watched him work his way up from nothing and I'm so very proud of everything he has accomplished.

You can find out about the film here, and also about Daniel and his prior work here.

They need 10,000 USD by tomorrow night, 11:59 pm EST. As of right now they only have $5,685. I want so much for this to work out for him, but I've already pledged as much as I can afford. I know that there are a lot of aspiring writers, artists, actors, etc. on my flist who understand how hard it is to struggle your way to success in the arts (hell, nowadays it's difficult to struggle your way through ANY field).

If you can donate ANYTHING at all, it would be so much appreciated. I personally vouch for his talent and ambition and integrity and overall judgment regarding this and all projects. I've known him for twenty years and would trust him with anything.

And hey, if they don't meet the goal then you don't have to pay anything. :)

Thanks for your consideration! ♥

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